//Power-on self test
//Initializing hardware
//Done. Leaving preboot environment
# Welcome to METAsystems
# User environment loaded
# Cloud systems loaded


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Welcome to METAhub, the place were i upload my brainfarts that are called projects. On the internet i'm most commonly known as Metawolf or just Meta. I'm a nerd from the Netherlands that occasionally does things with hardware and software. I try to post new things and actually finish stuff i started on but yeah; as if that's ever going to happen.

Someone asked me to create Vaporwave. I proceeded to create the Vaporwave Fast File Media Processing and Enhancing enGine(v-FFMPEG). It allows you to upload an MP3 file which it then converts to Vaporwave. The Vaporwave generator is permanently offline because the script blew an abysmally large hole in my server's defense against the evils of the internet. However, you can still get the source code at https://metawolf.xyz/v-ffmpeg.zip